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Are Nootropics safe?

Are Nootropics safe? A considered approach

Today in this fast moving world, who wants to lag behind? With ever growing change in technology and environment, there is always a need of keeping yourself updated. Isn’t it, we have been suggested by our mothers to eat almonds daily for a sharp memory? Lately, humans have started using drugs supplements to tone up their muscles and also the use of brain enhancer supplement has become more and more mainstream. There has been a tremendous increase in demand for a substance that enhances memory, improves mood and boost brain power.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics is an umbrella term used for a class of chemicals that give cognitive advantages to the human brain. A substance or chemical to be called a Nootropic should possess the following properties:

  1. Improves memory and ability to learn.
  2. Help in functioning of brain under disturbing circumstances
  3. Protects the brain from harmful chemical and physical conditions
  4. Increases the efficiency of neuron mechanism
  5. Possess no side effect and is virtually non-toxic

Though, for a chemical to possess all the above properties uis virtually impossible. Basically Nootropics are “cognitive enhancers” or sometimes are also called “Smart drugs”. It can be a everyday substance too, like caffeine or walnuts. There has been a lot of experimentation on Nootropics as a drug. As of now a days it is commonly used among students, athletes, workers, and by all those people who are seeking peak cognitive performance.

With so many advantages, its safety has always been a matter of concern. Many research has been done in this field and most of them indicate the commonly used Nootropics are generally safe and well tolerated when consumed responsibly.

But there are few parameters and combinations that needed to be considered before starting with any cognitive enhancer. Let us explore them.

What is your age?

Nootropics work well for adults above 25 years of age. As before 25 years of age, the brain is not fully developed/. If taken before 25 years, it can significantly impact the functioning of your brain and that can be a permanent one too.

Check on your Medical history

Nootropics are completely safe for a healthy person. But if you have a medical record of high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, diabetes or any other chronological disease then it is most likely that you will develop other serious issues. Always consult with your physician before starting with the Nootropics.

Research based Nootropics

Many Nootropics have been consumed from past number of years and are backed by proper research and findings. They have proved their mantle by their usage over a period of time. Some of the substances are just new in market and claim to be a magic potion. Make sure to check the profile of such drugs before relying on them.

Dosage and frequency also plays crucial role in determining how effective Nootropics are. By abiding to these rules and with proper medical consultation one can ensure the result of Nootropics.

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