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"I've ordered several products from Absorb Health. Their grape seed extract has some of the highest opc on the market. Every time I order they're very fast. If you ever have a question, they'll answer right away. The bottle looks great. Just a great deal all over."*

--K.J. Holloway

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

"I found Absorb Health a few months ago and absolutely love their productsit. Nothing has been better for my skin than hyaluronic acid. It's the best moisturizer I've ever had, and my face seems so much younger with this product. I love it. It's a great company and they ship out quickly. You know you're getting the real deal because this stuff is thick and you can see the bubbles. It's not watery or thin. I also love their vitamin c serum. Great stuff."*

-- J. Holm - Genolevures

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

"Their adrafinil is great. Just one capsule in the morning when I wake up and I'm able to focus all day.  I had tried olmifon before and this is the same."*

--T. Logan

* Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.