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What is Bilberry? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

What is Bilberry? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

There are a lot of plants out there that have healing or medical benefits. These plants are often edible and made into spices or the fruits of these plants can be turned into such. Alternative forms of medicine and home remedies are slowly becoming more popular since it is not only more affordable, it offers a wide range of benefits, not to mention it’s edible.

Sometimes these remedies come in the form of fruits; these fruits have very invaluable positive effects to one’s overall health as well as remedies to certain illnesses as well. One such fruit is the bilberry, a relative of the blueberry.

What is Bilberry?

Bilberry is a relative of the ever popular blueberry that’s usually used to make jams and pies, yum. It looks and tastes much like the blueberry but is smaller in size. The delicious little fruit has a lot of health benefits that go along with it such as improved vision and anti-inflammatory effects.

Where to buy bilberry

Bilberry fruits might easily be purchased at the local supermarket or farmer’s markets alongside other berries. As for bilberry supplements, they can be bought in health and wellness stores as well as online but it is important to take into account that when purchasing bilberry supplements online, finding a reputable supplier that sells it is ideal.

Bilberry reviews

A lot of people are satisfied with the results of using bilberry, especially the supplement. Its effectiveness in helping cure certain illnesses is proven to be quite a success especially when taken in correct doses. Doses may vary though, depending on purpose of use of the delicious berry.

Bilberry benefits
In terms of health benefits, there’s a lot one can get out of bilberries. It is a great remedy for diabetics who are looking to improve their blood sugar content as well as it helps in preventing the development of cancer. It is also a common treatment for people who experience diarrhoea as well as for people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Bilberry is good for the eyes

It is probably one of the most noted benefits from the tiny little fruit. It has been noted that bilberry drastically improves vision especially when in the dark or in low light situations. No more bumping into inanimate objects during the night.

Bilberry side effects

When eaten in normal amounts as food, bilberry is considered safe. For medical purposes though, it might be best to monitor one’s self after taking bilberry although there are no recorded side effects that come with it, especially when you are planning to take it as a supplement, although it is suggested to regulate the use if you are planning to take it for a long period of time.

All in all, the bilberry is not only a delicious little berry that can be made into a pie; it is also a wonder fruit that offers people a lot of health benefits when taken correctly, in recommended amounts. Surely a lot of health benefits packed into one little berry.

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