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Phenibut Vs Etizolam: Which Is Better And The Differences

Phenibut Vs Etizolam: Which Is Better And The Differences

Phenibut is a chemical that is used to treat nervous system ailments like insomnia (sleeping sickness), anxiety, depression, alcoholism, and stress. It is generally traded under names like Noofen, Fenibut (generic name) and Anvifen. In structure, it is similar to Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA). GABA is a neurotransmitter that is present in our brain and calms down hyper-stimulated neurons and controls our emotions. It is also as a recreational drug, to improve memory and thinking etc. In some countries, it is approved for medical use but in other countries, it is not legally approved.

Side effects:
Side effects of phenibut include Nausea, agitative behavior, and skin allergies. It may also result in low blood pressure. If discontinued amidst use, symptoms like hallucination and rebound anxiety may occur.

Overdose effects:
If taken in overdoses, the chemical results in laxity, unconsciousness and sometimes liver diseases also.
Etizolam is a drug which is also used to treat nervous ailments like insomnia and anxiety. It possesses some sedative characteristics and belongs to Thienodiazepine chemical. It is traded under names like Etilaam, Etizest and Sedekopan.It is reported as a drug of abuse in some countries.

Side effects:
Etizolam side effects include sedation, euphoria, respiratory problems and compulsive redosing. Withdrawal from the drug usage results in dream suppression, sleepiness and thought disorganization.

Overdose effects:
Etizolam is particularly dangerous when taken in combination with alcohol or GABA depressants which may lead to suicidal tendencies. It should also be avoided in combination with stimulants to avert intoxication.

Phenibut vs Etizolam
Both the drugs are used for the same purpose but differ in chemical composition and use.
Phenibut is structurally related to GABA analog while Etizolam is related to Benzodiazepine analog.
Etizolam is treated as a controlled substance while phenibut is taken as a supplement without a prescription for self-medication and is sold online.
Phenibut is used as a memory enhancer, unlike etizolam due to its innate chemical nature.
The dependence, tolerance and giving up the usage symptoms of etizolam are better and easily recoverable when compared to phenibut due to its reverse tolerance effect.

An overdose of etizolam is more dangerous and may lead to death compared to phenibut.
Etizolam is a better option to fight depression than phenibut because it causes GABA to increase its production in the brain and also slow down nerve impulses.

Etizolam is absorbed by the human at a faster rate at a peak plasma levels achieved between 30 minutes and 2 hours when compared to phenibut and is proved to have shown good results by targeting specific receptor sites in the brain.

Which Is Better
Although both the drugs are used for the same purpose, depending upon one’s health and medical issues, the drugs have to be chosen. There has been researching on the working of etizolam on humans but no research has taken place on phenibut till now. Always the drugs have to be taken only after doctor’s prescription and it is better if these are not taken under self-medication.

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