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What is Hawaiian Baby Woodrose?

What is Hawaiian Baby Woodrose?

Hawaiian baby woodrose is a perennial ornamental plant and preferred for its beautiful flowers. Its seeds look like rose buds. Each seed pod consists of around four to six seeds. This plant is a native of Indian subcontinent and introduced around the world like Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean. It is also a part of the indigenous flora of Australia. This plant has many names around the world like Adhoguda, Vidhara, Jatapmasi, elephant creeper and woolly morning glory. Its scientific name is Argyreia neurosa.

Hawaiian baby woodrose benefits:
This creeper is very beneficial and has many medicinal uses. The leaves, root and seeds of the plant are used to cure many conditions like wounds, cuts, gangrene, internal bleeding due to various reasons, chronic ulcers and rheumatism. It is also anti diabetic, boosts the immune system, cures liver diseases, treats urinary problems, expels gas from stomach and intestine, improves the complexion and rejuvenates the skin.

The roots are aphrodisiac, used as nerve tonic, diuretic and rejuvenator. They are prescribed in diseases of the nervous system, sexual disorders of men and rheumatism. Taking a powder made from the roots and satmuli juice improves intellect, gives strength and works as anti aging.
The seeds are used to lower blood pressure and to treat spasms.

The leaves have anti fungal, anti bacterial and rubefacient properties. They are used both topically and taken internally. Leaves are used to cure ulcers, colitis, ringworm, eczema, boils and swelling.

Hawaiian baby woodrose side effects:
The seeds of this plant contain ergine and isoergine alkaloids. When taken in excess dosages they can cause hallucinations. The side effects of the seeds include hangover, blurred vision, constipation, inertia, nausea and vertigo. It may also lead to excessive sweating, fast heart rate, increased blood pressure and insomnia. Pregnant and lactating must stay away from these seeds due to the presence of LSA. The seeds are dangerous for patients getting treated for depression and bipolar disorder, as they react with the medications given for these treatments.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before consuming these seeds for medicinal purposes for correct dosage information.

Where to buy Hawaiian woodrose:
There are many varieties in these seeds like the Indian ayurvedic seeds which are used for medicinal purposes and are less potent, the Hawaiian variety which is most potent and famous for its psychedelic properties and the Ghana variety.

Hawaiian woodrose can be bought in medical and pharmacy stores. They can also be bought online from sites like eBay, Amazon, indiamart and nursery live.

But be careful and buy these seeds from trusted persons as there are a lot of dealers who mislead you and sell the wrong stuff.

Hawaiian baby woodrose reviews:
I could see the whole cosmos and sort of melted into it.
Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are very potent and you must be very careful with the dosage. Please do not take them when you are alone.
I could see dinosaurs and play with them.
Not much of a recreational drug but super therapeutic and with beautiful values way beyond something like a fun time you would be trying for on weed.

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