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What is Asafoetida? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

What is Asafoetida? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

People have been turning to alternative forms of medicine to seek out a more affordable way to cure ailments. These alternative medicines are usually natural extracts from plants and may be less toxic to the body, which is why a lot of people tend to prefer this over traditional medicine.

In conjunction to the topic, these alternative forms of medicine may come in the form of spices, spices that have remedial effects. These spices and also natural remedies are more affordable and oftentimes more effective when compared to manufactured drugs. One such spice is the Asafoetida.

What is Asafoetida?

Asafoetida is the dried latex or gum from the taproot of several species of the herb, Ferula, which is part of the carrot family. Although the gum is known to have quite an aroma (sarcasm), when cooked, it can be very delicious, with a flavour that can be comparable to that of leeks. As a condiment, it is mainly used to add flavour to traditional Indian vegetarian dishes but when used as a remedy, there are a lot of benefits such as the most common purpose as a remedy, aiding with digestive problems.

Asafoetida is good breathing issues

As a remedy, the spice can be used to treat people with bronchitis and asthma, as well as colds. It is usually mixed into a paste with a very unappealing smell and is usually hung in a bag around the neck. This is commonly used in children who suffer such.

Where to buy Asafoetida

Since it is a spice, asafoetida may be found in grocery stores in the herbs and spices section or in a shop that sells foreign spices. Also, it can be acquired through purchasing online wherein it is very important to find a reputable supplier for the Indian spice.

Asafoetida benefits

There are a lot of health benefits one may obtain from using this pungent smelling spice. Commonly used as a remedy for digestive problems, it is noted to aid in digestion as well as it can also be used for abdominal injuries as well. Not only is it notable for those uses, in is also known to be helpful with menstrual issues as well as toothaches and headaches and even ear aches.

Asafoetida side effects

There are always two sides to everything, and this is also the case for asafoetida. Though relatively safe in amounts which are present when used in food, there are side effects that individuals may incur when using it as a remedy such as swelling lips, excess gas in the intestines, diarrhoea, headaches and convulsions, as well as possible bleeding disorders.

Asafoetida reviews

A lot of people can say that asafoetida when used for cooking (because of health benefits of course) is practically safe since the amount used isn’t really a lot. When taking the spice orally though, people should be aware of the amount they consume since excessive usage may lead to a lot of complications.

Asafoetida is one of the most beneficial spices since it also doubles as a remedy for several illnesses. What is important is to keep in mind that when taken orally as a remedy or medication, too much of the spice may cause side effects, some more severe than others which is why taking note of how much is needed is quite important.

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