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What is CDP Choline? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

  CDP Choline or which is known as Citicoline is a naturally-occurring chemical that takes the action of converting both choline and cytidine. The latter is then transformed to uridine. CDP choline is known for its choline-containing phospholipids that are orally supplemented. What it does is it prevents and even treats memory impairments that are…

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Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline: Which Is the Best Nootropic?

                             Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline: Which Is the Best Nootropic? Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that are used for the improvement of memory and concentration. Also, people who have short attention spans are helped out with these drugs. But there is…

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Noopept Pills : Erowid And Reddit Reviews

Know what users think about the Noopept pills : Erowid and Reddit reviews With so many Nootropics available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult to select the best one. One way to determine which is best suited for you is to read the product specifications and brand information carefully. While this might be helpful…

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Are Nootropics safe?

Are Nootropics safe? A considered approach Today in this fast moving world, who wants to lag behind? With ever growing change in technology and environment, there is always a need of keeping yourself updated. Isn’t it, we have been suggested by our mothers to eat almonds daily for a sharp memory? Lately, humans have started…

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