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What is Royal Jelly?  A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage


Royal jelly sounds like a flavoring apt for a queen. Yes, that is very close to the truth and a brief explanation about it. This noble element is indeed the food constrained for queen bees and their larvae heritage. It is hidden from the glands of loyal worker bees and be fed to bee moth. The larvae that have the possibility to cultivate into queens continue to nourish this sweet nectar after a few days. This substance is believed by some to impart mystical qualities, since queen bees are much bigger, survive longer and more fertile than all the other bees. Royal jelly is composed of mostly vitamin B, 12 to 15% of protein, and 60 to 70% of water, plus 3 to 6% fats, 10 to 16% of sugar, it also has salt, with free amino acids and many other vitamins accomplishing up the rest.

Benefits from Royal Jelly

You heard so many buzzes about this royal jelly. Moreover, people are taking it for some countless purposes as a general health tonic. It includes the following:

  • Delaying the signs of aging
  • Stimulating hair growth
  • Using it as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Decreasing symptoms of menopause
  • Improving sperm production and sexual performance
  • Decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • Healing bone fractures
  • Alleviating cardiovascular ailments
  • Preventing cancer, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis
  • Gives remedy to pancreatitis, liver disease, fatigue, insomnia, ulcers and digestive and some skin disorders


Incredibly, what a list! However, there is a definite proof to confirm any of these implied health benefits. There are actually few studies have been performed on the functions of royal jelly to humans. It was certainly discovered to increase the expression levels among couples with known low sperm motility called asthenozoospermia in one of few human trials done.

Some Side Effects of Royal Jelly

Even though it gives you 10 or more benefits while consuming this royal jelly, it can also have some not so impressive side effects somehow. Those people who are allergic to honey and bees might face real dangers if they will consume it, especially those who are asthmatic. Possible reactions grazing from skin irritations, bronchial spasms, and asthma attacks to more stern anaphylactic shock, and even death have been recorded due to ingesting of it. Moreover, it has also the capability to arouse growth absorbed by anyone with estrogen definite receptor of some cells in breast cancer. It may also accelerate the effects of some types of medication like blood thinners and cholesterol-lowering treatment. Side effects such as facial rashes, weight gain, and gastrointestinal discomfort are reported also.

The recommended dosage

There are some pharmaceuticals companies believe that it is best to use royal jelly in a powdered form. It is the Lyophilization or the freeze-drying, which is the method of converting it to a powder. However, apitherapists and beekeepers did not argue and object that fresh royal jelly must be put under the tongue because it is the best way of absorbing it. It is really recommended to consume it that way and wait for 5 to 10 minutes until it all melts. By that procedure, the royal jelly will be directly ingested into the blood that gives the best effect on your body.

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