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Yopo- A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Yopo- A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Yopo is originated from a tree name as Anadenanthera Peregrina. It is also considered as a calcium tree in native countries South America and Caribbean.

What is Yopo?
It is also called as a calcium tree as discussed above. Yopo is often used for the entheogenic purposes only. Since its usage has been continued from thousands of years in the process of healing several health problems that are extracted from the plant attributes only.

Yopo benefits:
There is a benefit associated with a process that is nothing but referred as yopo snuff. As this yopo snuff is also derived from anadenanthera peregrina only. These yopo seeds acquire the properties of DMT (N, N-dimethyltryptamine) where its procedures are carried out with the seeds that are crushed and subsequently dissolved with calcined lime.
Another benefit is due to the ingredient presence of calcined lime; its dosage while applied to the patient might face painful situations but results in good and effective.

There are few Yopo side effects; actually the dosage of yopo seeds are consumed through nose. So that when it is inhaled it leads to heavy load on body might encounters as it is one of the drawbacks faced. It can be taken orally but results in some of the common side effects like vomiting, nausea, headache and some sort of dizziness. It might cause these side effects when it is taken over than the prescribed dosage like exceeding more than three seeds.

Actually dosage is prescribed according to the body metabolism levels of the person .like initially dosage is inculcated with one to four seeds per person. So later on heat the seeds on a low medium flame and toasted the seeds on a pan and crush it and thereby mix with other herbs if needed. So crushing the dried powder is taken in a bowl and pours some water to make a paste with some of the ingredients along with seeds that are dried. It includes one part of calcinedlime and one part of baking soda. So mix all the ingredients and again take a pan to toast all the mixed and paste contents of a bowl and heat it under a low medium flame until the obtained material dries out. Finally consume it accordingly through orally or inhale it through the nose.

Where to buy yopo? It is available in online like drug stores or many websites and ships the products and price accordingly depending on the countries. As we know that these yopo seeds or drugs are not legally sold in some countries especially Europe. It is also available in US. But now it is not recommended to use now a day’s and also it can be available mostly in Netherlands where more shipments of these seeds takes place from Netherlands only.

Many people considered this is usually natural drug or medicine only that is circulated in many countries. It is most popularly used drug according to reviews and its essential beliefs. Even in terms of its shipping and delivery of product is somewhat inculcated drawback that is resided unlike other products delivery point of view. These seeds are legally not sold in the market and it is only used for consumption at emergency times. Mostly these seeds are available in online market especially due to its legal features applicable exempting in Netherlands only. Check out the Yopo Reviews.

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