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Will Aniracetam Help You Sleep? A Cure for Insomnia?

Will Aniracetam Help You Sleep? A Cure for Insomnia?

Are you having problems falling asleep? Or staying asleep once you do fall asleep? Sometimes Insomnia can be caused by the stress of life. We tend to think a lot at the end of the day, increasing our brain activity which can result in sleeping issues. There are a lot of medications on the market today, but one of the most recommended is the trusted Aniracetam.

Hoffman-La-Rocca first developed Aniracetam during the early 70’s. The drug is fat-soluble and classified together with the racetams. Racetams are best for new users and is very popular for its enhancing properties with the cognitive processes. This product is bitter to taste especially in the powder form. It is recommended to be taken with fatty acids to help an individual fall asleep.

Best Aniracetam Dosage for Sleep

There are quite a number of experiments that were done in laboratories to prove that Aniracetam can truly help with sleeping problems. The most recommended dosage that is proven to be effective is between 10 mg/kg body weight up to 100 mg per kg of body weight. There are reports that doses up to 400 mg are said to be effective.

The maximum range of dose should be about 1000 to 1500 mg of Aniracetam. So you can dose up to 500 to 750mg twice a day. Remember to take your daily dose with meals. For those who want to avoid the bitter taste, there are also capsule forms! The dosages will change over time as a users tolerance and experience changes. So it is best to keep yourself updated with any news of the product and pay attention to the effects after use.

Benefits of Aniracetam

Aniracetam is considered as the perfect drug for improving your mental performance. This is best for the improvement of your memory. This product is also believed to improve your mood and focus. Since it improves your memory, your learning capacity will also increase. Aside from this, aniracetam can also improve your concentration and your attention span.

Aniracetam and Sleep

When using Aniracetam, in order to determine its results, you have to understand your mood. This is because everything starts to take place in your brain. The chemical imbalance in your brain affects the process of how the drug works. So if you feel anxious or nervous, you will feel a calming effect with this product. It will help you relax and help you sleep.

What You Should Know About the Dangers of Aniracetam

This product is not recommended for younger users. This is because, if the product is used for a long time, the brain and its development will be affected and possibly stunted. There are lots of nootropics that are misused and abused which can prevent the development of the brain and its functions. So it is best to use it mildly and follow the recommended dosage all the time.

Remember that nootropics like Aniracetam can greatly affect our brain positively as long as it is used appropriately. The number of users of this product is gradually increasing, simply showing how effective this drug can be, especially when used for sleeping problems. But before you give it a try, it will be best if you have your doctors approval to avoid any complications with the drug.

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