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What are Liposomal Supplements?

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What Are Liposomal Supplements? 

Liposomal supplements are a class of health supplements with an added liposomal shell around their major molecules, such allows for increased absorption in the body, helps higher doses be absorbed into one’s system faster, and have far less side effects than the normal supplement itself ( if not in liposomal form.) The blog post at hand will serve to dissect each and every difference that liposomals have over regular supplements, will give examples about the best and most potent kinds of liposomal supplements, as well as explain why liposomal supplements should be taken over the long term, for optimal, and best results.

Side effects

Though liposomal supplements typically have a wide array of very potent, noticeable benefits, they also come with their own set of risky side effects (as do all herbal supplements.) These include, in general for all supplements of the liposomal category, headaches, drowsiness, loss of appetite, dilated pupils, and an increased reaction to other certain types of medication. These side effects are all fairly mild when they do occur, and tend to occur more frequently when higher doses are used over a consistent basis. When patients supplementing with liposomal regiments stay within the compounds of those doses that are recommended however, side effects manifest themselves very little, if at all, in the liposomal user. *Disclosure: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, use at your own risk, and always do your own research and trials before deciding how this supplement affects you.

Dosages of top liposomal products

Top liposomal products from Absorb Health, and their doses include: Liposomal Resveratrol, Liposomal Curcumin, and Liposomal Vitamin C.

Liposomal Resveratrol Dosages– Liposomal resveratrol takes the substance from very difficult to pass through the digestive tract of the body, to something that is absorbed extremely quickly and efficiently. This supplement has even been said, in low doses taken over long periods of time, to increase the life span of cells (though further research is needed to fully back this claim.) Typical dosages of Resveratrol vary based on its hopeful usage. For those looking to improve cardiovascular health and increase longevity, the usual dose is 5-10mg taken daily, and taken over the course of several months. For improving cerebral bloodflow, much higher doses are needed, and can be anywhere in the range of 250-500mg per day. The normal and suggested use of this supplement however, is for improvement of overall health and longevity.*

Liposomal Curcumin Dosages- Curcumin, though similar in overall health benefits, is largely an entirely different animal in comparison to resveratrol. Derived from the yellow pigment associated with curry spice, this supplement is used for its anti-inflammatory affects. Liposomal Curcumin is a flavanoid, and because of its long term health benefits, should be taken as a long-term supplement with the intent of healing, revitalizing, and improving the overall strength, libido, and health of the body.* Typical doses of this supplement range from 5-8 grams administered daily, and has been shown as safe in administration of the substance in excess of over 5x that amount. Curcumin is an incredibly safe, potent and effective supplement.*

Liposomal Vitamin C Dosages-  Liposomal vitamin C is an extremely potent form of a natural vitamin, that helps high doses of the substance get absorbed easier, faster, and more efficiently into the body. Typical dosages of vitamin C range from 1-5 grams taken daily. The vitamin, without a liposomal encapsulation, normally has to be taken in doses much lower than this (otherwise excess side effects will far outweigh the potential benefits of it.) With the addition of the liposomal element however, vitamin C can be taken at dosages used in hospital grade recuperation of symptoms, and doses can be used as high as 1-5 grams daily of vitamin C at a time, making the effects, and benefits on one’s overall health and vitality, on par with the potency found in IV administration of the vitamin/supplement!

Examples of Liposomal Products

Examples of liposomal products on our website are liposomal vitamin C, liposomal resveratrol, and liposomal curcumin, among our other dozens of Absorb Health products, outside of the liposomal category.  A liposomal product is one that encapsulates the drug being used and potentiated, by way of this added mechanism and man made molecule, in a liposome cell. This coating of the supplement at hand serves as a delivery vehicle for the supplement or drug being manipulated, and mainly consist of the substance lecithin. These coatings are mixtures of phospholipids and fatty acids that not only keep the host safe, but allow for faster, much improved absorption.  Liposomal encapsulations of some of the top brain, health, and skin supplements currently available today is giving the supplement industry an extremely potent leg up.


Liposomal supplements effects are significantly increased as far as mental and physical potency, due to increased absorption in the bloodstream. The effects of specific supplements are increased to extreme degrees, because higher doses can be taken of vitamins and minerals with minimal side effects endured. Overall, any liposomal drug, yet especially the three on our website (of the most popular of all liposomal vitamins and supplments) resveratrol, curcumin and vitamin C, has a much pronounced effect when compared to those without this synthetically improved encapsulation.

User Reviews

Most current user reviews available of our products, with regards to our three liposomals, describe a much enhanced version, in comparison to many other supplements available without liposomal encapsulations. Current research on liposomals describes how this occurs, in that the cells and molecules of the substance, and that of the organism it effects, are encased in a fatty, lipid structure, allowing for smoother, faster absorption. If you’re not yet sold on liposomals and their potency and easy bio availability in the human body, be sure to subscribe and get 5% off your next order as a courtesy to new customers of Absorb Health.

Long-Term benefits

Over the long-term, the added benefits of liposomal products include, increased vitality and immune support, lowered tolerance to the substances (even at high dosages and when taken over long periods of time) administered, and supplements lasting much longer due to the increased strength. Liposomals are now attached to some of the strongest, most popular and most well known anti-oxidants in the world, and are becoming a mainstream phenomenon in the current supplement industry.

Short-Term benefits

Many users of liposomal supplements decide to do so in order to reap many of the short-term health benefits they can offer, which include things such as increased energy throughout the day, and a much brightened mood. If you’ve ever had green tea with added anti-oxidants, you know how powerful these nutrients, and adequate nutrition as a whole can be, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, these liposomal supplements can give the much added kick in the pants needed to jumpstart yourself into a happy productive day.

Final Thoughts 

Comment down below on which liposomals have benefitted you and why, we always love to hear reviews from satisfied customers! And don’t hold back in the comments, constructive criticism is how we grow as a company. Be sure to subscribe and get 5% off all nootropics and anti-aging health products in our store!

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