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What is Tongkat Ali Root Extract?  A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Earth has provided many fruits and plants that can be used naturally to heal one’s health problems. Some are turned into supplements while others are added to their food to eat every day. Sometimes, these natural herbs work better compared to other medications and it has been proven by a lot of people. These herbal medicines are being used every day by many consumers and they can’t deny that natural alternatives are sometimes better than over the counter medicines.

One of the most sought-after plants is the Tongkat Ali. This type of plant is native to Southeast Asian countries like Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is also known as the Malaysian Ginseng. It plays a huge role in enhancing male’s testosterone levels especially those that are experiencing some issues that are sexually related. It can also treat a wide range of diseases which is why this type of herb is rich in benefits that everybody could take advantage from.

The benefits that you can get from using Tongkat Ali

It is a great libido booster and males are usually the ones who would supplement with Tongkat Ali to help them cope up with their problems, it is known as a “home-grown Viagra” because it’s more natural and you don’t get to experience dangerous side effects with it. The extracts from the leaves and stem of a Tongkat Ali also have significant antibacterial properties that are used to treat or combat salmonella bacteria and Staphylococcus. It also has a stress-reducing properties which have helped a lot of people. Aside from being a very great stress reliever, it is also known as a good remedy for those suffering from anxiety because it produces an anxiolytic effect which is the same as the medicine diazepam.

Side effects that you need to know about Tongkat Ali

First, you should know that this herbal remedy tastes bitter which may put off a lot of people from the get-go but Tongkat Ali extracts that are not bitter may be fake or sub-potent. It also causes irritability, impatience, and restlessness due to the high levels of testosterone in the body. Another thing that you should know before taking Tongkat Ali is that it may cause insomnia because the body is still adjusting to the plant’s effect, so you need to take small doses at first to let your body get used to it. Lastly, always hydrate because it increases the body’s metabolic heat.

The right dosage for an effective result

If you are interested in the effects that Tongkat Ali can provide, then you must know the right dosage because exceeding the recommended amount could be very dangerous. Some experts say that a daily dosage of 50 mg to 200 mg is enough for you to take its effects and take advantage of it. For women, a 25 mg capsule is enough which you should take 20 minutes after breakfast. And men are recommended a much higher dose. Remember that the benefits and effects vary from one person to another since everybody has different body chemistry.

When it comes to choosing the right herbal supplements, you need to do a little bit of research first since there are lots of them. but Tongkat Ali remained as one of the best natural medication out there which you should use too.

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