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What is Pterostilbene? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage


When battling diseases, drugs are not the only thing to depend on. Natural compounds which are found in plants can also help with the treatment. One of these compounds is Pterostilbene. To know more about Pterostilbene, here are some facts you have to dig in.

What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is an antioxidant which is found in blueberries and almonds. It is similar to Resveratrol, only chemically and is more potent.  What makes resveratrol and pterostilbene different is the latter is well absorbed when ingested orally.

What are the benefits associated with Pterostilbene?

Power is loaded in Pterostilbene. Great things can happen to your body when taking it. What it does is:

o   It supports normal blood sugar.

Both high and low blood sugar levels are not healthy. It is vital for a person to have normal level only. What pterostilbene does here is to increase the formed activity of the blood sugar regulator which is located in the liver tissue.

o   It rejuvenates brain cells.

If you are concerned about the function of your brain, then why not try taking Pterostilbene? This supplement reduces injuries in your brain cells. Also, it increases the cell viability which improves memory and cognition.

o   It is a powerful antioxidant.

Being an antioxidant is the main job of Pterostilbene. It even binds to PPAR receptors and stimulates the production of this compound.

o   It promotes longevity.

What causes aging is the oxidative stress found in cells. With this, having high doses of antioxidant such as Pterostilbene holds the potential of lengthening your lifespan.

o   It offers anti-cancer effects.

Pterostilbene works great in increasing the death of cell and decreasing their reproduction. This is when the development of blood cells are prevented which is an awesome hero in the potential treatment of tumor growth.

o   It helps you lose some pounds.

It is a huge fact that Pterostilbene can help you lose weight. There are patients who were not taking cholesterol medications but still have lost weight because of using Pterostilbene.

Can Pterostilbene offer side effects?

This supplement does not come with serious side effects, only mild ones. This is where it is noted to be impressive aside from being effective. Because of how it offers fewer side effects, that is when it works great with other nootropic ingredients.

To avoid side effects effectively, the right dosage should be taken here. Also, you have to know that the supplement’s half-life is only around 100 minutes. With this, some users prefer to split their dosage by taking one in the morning and another one in the afternoon.

What are the proper dosages for taking Pterostilbene?

Using the product requires you to follow only the recommended dosage and its active amounts. If you are using Pterostilbene for the metabolism of your lipid and glucose, then having around 200-700 mg is required. But that depends on your weight.

Can you combine Pterostilbene with other supplements?

Combining Pterostilbene with other supplements leads to more effectiveness. It is safe as well. Pterostilbene’s anti-inflammatory effects are great with any nootropic supplements to help in the enhancement of neuroplasticity.

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