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18% Vitamin C Serum



  • Potent Wrinkle Reducer and Moisturizer*
  • 18% Concentration is Perfect for Mildly Sensitive Skin
  • All Products -Sulfate, -Paraben, and Animal Testing Free; 72% Organic
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18% Vitamin C Serum – Reduce Wrinkles Now

You are looking at .5oz, 1oz or 2oz of Vitamin C Serum (18%).

Our Vitamin C 18% serum is the perfect serum for people with sensitive or mildly sensitive skin or for people trying a Vitamin C serum for the first time. Vitamin C is one of the few actives shown to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone in peer-reviewed scientific papers.* Vitamin C is referred to on the official Dr. Oz website as the #1 secret to “drop a decade from your face”.

Additionally, we include Hyaluronic Acid and other ingredients to improve the penetration of the Vitamin C. Our product is 95% natural and 72% organic, so you can be sure you’re not putting harmful synthetic chemicals in your body. All of our products are -sulfate, -paraben, and animal testing free.

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