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Processed Food and Digestion


Your body is amazing. It is able to break down the food that you eat and pull from it only the parts that it needs. From the moment you take a bite of food, your body goes to work beginning the process of digestion. The best way to get the nutrition that your body needs is from whole, preferably organic, unprocessed foods. Highly refined processed foods can cause an infinite number of health problems. They may also:

-be broken down by your body into one or more toxic molecules.

-produce undesirable biological effects (i.e. trans fats, high fructose corn syrup).

-be treated by your body as a foreign invader.

Your body was designed to take food in its natural form and break down it’s complex molecules and absorb the most nutritious parts. If you feed your body something that is unrecognizable, you not only open yourself up to many health problems, but also to altering the digestive pathways that your body uses to obtain nutrition.

You can read more about the potential digestive dangers of processed foods here.

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