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Phenibut vs Gaba: The Benefits and Side Effects of Each

Best Phenibut withdrawal practices for minimum side effects

Phenibut is a commonly used sedative supplement in Russia for the treatment of various psychological problems. Here you will come to know about the use of phenibut and its common side effects. Here you will get information about Phenibut vs Gaba: The Benefits and Side Effects of Each.

People use phenibut to relieve from anxiety, post traumatic depression and stress disorder. Phenibut will take around 60-90 minutes to take effect and it lasts for 4-10 hours. People often use high dosage of phenibut to maintain the effect of the drug but it may result in severe side effects when they quite taking the drug. Phenibut is known for its calming and analgesic effects but people become addicted to it. They may get relaxed but get used to it. According to some case studies people using high doses of phenibut can take up to 24 weeks to recover. Phenibut can provide better results when combined with kratom for withdrawal from alcohol and opioid drugs but the difficult part is the withdrawal from anger, anxiety and irritability.

Baclofen can be used in case of alcohol dependence. People can taper off baclofen for the next 12 weeks after stopping phenibut. The anxiety and depression could be managed with citalopram. The withdrawal process of phenibut can take up to 6 months. It is not recommended to stop the use of phenibut abruptly. Sudden discontinuation does not give the required time for the brain to adjust or heal according to the changes of the neurotransmitter levels. Many people around the world are searching for Phenibut vs Gaba: The Benefits and Side Effects of Each.The people who are taking high dosage may get serious effects due to sudden stoppage of the drug. The gradually tapering of the drug is recommended. People should reduce the dosage by 10 percent every 2-4 weeks. The slower a person reduces the dose, the less likely the person experiences the severe withdrawal symptoms. Overtime the brain can adjust to the neurotransmission. People can use proper therapy to manage their thought process and stress management system. People who are using phenibut for treating other condition will feel those symptoms after they stop taking the drug.

The withdrawal process is a difficult experience but there are some other factors which also affect the person and the respond for the drug depends upon person to person. The side effects are longer for the person who has been taking phenibut for longer time. Short time drug users may end with short to mild side effects. It is not necessary that all the persons with the same dosage experience the same effects after stopping the use of drug. The symptoms also depend upon whether the person is taking other sedatives along with phenibut. It is recommended to use phenibut as a prescription only drug. According to a report many people are self-medicating with phenibut for its tranquilizing properties and using it as an alcohol substitute. A large or a moderate dose of phenibut feels like being drunk without intoxication. It has found that phenibut can elicit a sense of euphoria but it really shines as a sleep drug.

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