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What is Oxiracetam?  A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage


When talking about brain development supplements, one of the best to use is Oxiracetam. To find out more about this product, read more here.

Knowing Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is a supplement which belongs to the racetam family. It is utilized as a brain improvement supplement that helps in increasing focus, thoughts, and concentration. This is a man-made nootropic and became popular because of being bioavailable.

What Oxiracetam does is it activates the glutamate receptor found in the brain. Such receptor is involved with the various aspects of the brain’s cognitive function. It even modulates the actions of both glutamate and acetylcholine.

Benefits of Using Oxiracetam

In a large scale, Oxiracetam affects the brain’s power and performance. It even boosts memory. People who have dementia and Alzheimer’s are usually seen taking this supplement as it helps in their memory, not only in improving it but in protecting it as well. Aside from these patients, students can also be assisted with the drug as it helps them in understanding more of their studied subjects.

For those who have tried using Oxiracetam, plenty of them showed details of their memory development. They even dug in with those details such as how they specifically remember their dreams or those things they have been looking for. Even with conversations, these folks state fine details about those as well.

Oxiracetam is an excellent brain supplement as it highly increases mental energy and even speeds up the brain’s amount of blood flow. With that increase in blood flow, the more oxygen is grasped by the brain which also promotes its glucose metabolism. This brings you to experience mental clarity openly.

Proper Dosage of Oxiracetam

As for the right dosage of this supplement, it is vital to stay only with the recommended dosage to minimize nasty effects. Of course, similar to other types of drugs, when Oxiracetam is not taken with the right dosage, then it will tremendously cause side effects.

Users can take between 600-3,000 mg of Oxiracetam per day. It is important to know that splitting the dosages into 2-3 smaller doses per day makes it more effective. When it comes to its half-life, everything here is fairly short. Oxiracetam’s function only lasts for about 2 hours before it is lost.

For first time users, it is advised to take Oxiracetam in low dosage. Beginners need to adjust to the drug accordingly so their body will get used to it. When the body already knows how to respond to this supplement, this then lets you start increasing the dosage to get more of its benefits.

Side Effects Linked With Oxiracetam

Doctor shows information on blackboard: side effects

Talking about Oxiracetam’s side effects, these are rarely experienced by users. Though side effects are easy to avoid, still, responsibility should be in the hands of each user.

The most common side effect given by Oxiracetam is a headache. This is generally caused by the heightened demand of Acetylcholine located in the brain. To combat this nasty effect, supplementing with Choline is a good choice. Other than that, you can lower your dosage to lessen that aggravating effect.

There are also users who have experienced nausea, anxiety, diarrhea, and nervousness. These are also mild and are easily treatable.

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