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Modafinil-The real Limitless Pill for Wall Street Executives

Modafinil-The Real Limitless Pill

On Wall Street, where working a little bit faster everyday, or having a clear mind round the clock can be the key to a seven figure salary, analysts, brokers and executives are always on the lookout for the next hit pill that can help you achieve total success. Modafinil has become the drug of choice for many of those at elite levels willing to do anything to get ahead. Would you take a pill if it made you more efficient, even if no research as to long-term risks on the brain had been performed as of yet?

Disclaimer: Now Modafinil, is an illegal, schedule IV prescription drug. Adrafinil on the other hand, is a legal alternative that is 99% as effective as the real thing. Checkout this review to see how far those at the top are willing to go to increase the odds at success.



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