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How Long Dose Aniracetam Last?

How Long Dose Aniracetam Last?

Aniracetam is a nootropic supplement that was developed in Belgium in the early 70’s. This is in the category of racetams which is similar in structure of piracetam. This drug is for improving mental performance. Aniracetam can increase your memory and can also improve your overall capacity as a human being.

This drug can also improve verbal fluidity. It is known to be effective in protecting the brain from negative results caused by lack of oxygen. It is still considered as the best drug for improving the psychological state of a person who has cerebrovascular disease.

The Most Recommended Aniracetam Dosage and Use

The recommended dosage for this drug is in an average of 1500 mg a day, that can be taken in two 750 mg doses. You can take one aniracetam dosage in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. This can be in solid tablet form, or powder form, which is usually at 750 mg strength.

Absorption Rate of Aniracetam

This product shows that it can be absorbed rapidly but will also go through the first pass hepatic metabolism. Because of this, the bioavailability is about 8.6 to 11.4%. But this can be raised by eating food that is high in fatty acids, though not proven to be effective yet.

Is Aniracetam Effective?

This is an amino acid which is a natural method for improving your cognitive functions. There are clinical studies that show how Aniracetam can improve the user’s perception, memory, and focus. It also affects our alertness and creativity. This can be accomplished by increasing the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. In the improvement of the cognitive abilities, this is still being research on to prove its efficacy.

The Side Effects: Short-term and Long-term

When you are using Aniracetam, one of the short-term effects would be the improvement of your mood. This drug is effective in affecting the chemicals in the brain, like the Serotonin and Dopamine. For those who feel an imbalance in the body, you will feel more relieved with Aniracetam. It can also temporarily boost the user’s energy.

For the long-term effects, Aniracetam can help the individual improve with the driving force of the person’s cognition by improving the attention span, the brain’s capacity to learn and memorize, as well as an improvement in the mental energy. The Aniracetam is known for not causing any side effects. It is nontoxic and will not have any lethal reactions. Nursing mothers and pregnant women are advised not to take Aniracetam.


Aniracetam Interactions with Diseases

According to some scientific studies, Aniracetam can help patients with cognitive deficits like Alzheimer’s disease as well as other cognitive problems.  The product can reverse the neurological changes to reduce the symptoms of these disorders. According to animal research, Aniracetam may also help the cognitive defects which may be caused by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The recommended dosage would be 50 mg per kilogram of body weight.

When using drugs that are new to you, like the Aniracetam, it would be best if you do your own research. Take note of the possible results that it can give you, the health benefits, as well as the side effects,  should be noted. It is best that you have everything in writing so that you would be able to compare your results in the end.

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