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Kimera Koffee Review: Will It Improve Your Cognition?

Coffee is a must and should for many as a kick start for the day. In a way, it is a part of life. It is difficult to imagine a day without the strong aroma. It is a strong physical and mental energy booster.

Some manufacturers also promise performance enhancement with some variants. If you are the one who is looking for this kind of coffee consider Kimera koffee review which is being boasted as a specially formulated coffee for power house performance.

This coffee, according to the manufacturers, is a brain power booster that results in more vita and energy. It has 725 g nootropics of power It is claimed to contain 725 milligrams of Alpha-GPC which is popular as a compound which improves learning skills, DMAE which acts on brain and its functioning, L-Thiamine also acts on brain development and creative thinking and Taurine which acts as a natural anxiolytic and relieves stress.

It has three varieties to offer: Twelve ounce ground, Brew dark roast and Kimera Kacao booster powder. Kimera koffee is also in availability which has sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds and raw hemp.

Coming to the prices, some varieties are very expensive while some others are reasonable in rate. You can get a mug of sweet Kimera koffee for $15 while other company coffees cost you at least $25. But there is other side to it like 12 oz of Kimera koffe costs $22 while other competitors give you for 17$. You can expect discounts if you buy more than one product or in a bulk. For example 340g of Kimera koffe and Kimera cacoa booster together come for $38. You can expect discounted rates as soon as you get membership. For shipping, you can approach any professional companies like Planet express and Border linx who provide 100% customer service.

You can avail many payment options like Debit/ credit card, crypto currency like Bitcoins for easy transactions. There are online stores like Amazon where you can get variety of options that are on offer.

If online reviews are anything to go by, then you can see not less than 4 stars for this koffee. Many customers posted some interesting reviews about this nootropic induced coffee in Reddit feedback. But, of course, there are mixed opinions where customers wanted to know how it was different from regular coffee. Some users really wanted to know whether there were any extra benefits with added nootropics.

This coffee, over all can be more satisfying for people searching for new healthy options but not for those who are looking for cost efficient products. Moreover the health benefits are not completely scientifically proven.

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