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What is IP6 Inositol? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage


Sick people are always looking for medication. When it comes to different kinds of cancer, some may prefer for chemicals while others dig in with natural supplements. With this, treatment is also found in IP6 Inositol. To know more about this substance, pay attention to this page and read more.

What is IP6 Inositol?

IP6 Inositol is a natural carbohydrate molecule that is present in both plant and animal cells. Mainly, IP6 Inositol is found in your regular diet of grains, cereals, legumes, and meat. Aside from those, your very own body can also produce IP6 taken from inositol.

Tackling the Benefits of IP6 Inositol

The main use of IP6 Inositol is to treat cancer. IP6 Inositol slows down the growth of cancer cells. Other than that, it prevents tumors from forming in organs. Aside from cancer, the substance also helps in treating leukemia and meningioma. There are also users who have found help with their kidney stones through IP6 Inositol. Dietary phytate that is found in the substance inhibits the crystallization of calcium salts. This then reduces the risk of kidney stones. When it comes to the prevention of fatty liver, the substance also aids you from that.

The Negative Effects of Using IP6 Inositol

Similar to drugs, this substance also produces side effects. Users may experience nausea, flatulence, and an upset stomach when taking it. Other negative effects it produces are fatigue, headache, and dizziness.

What are the required dosages of IP6 Inositol?

When your doctor tells you to use IP6 Inositol, it is important to follow all his instructions. The recommended dosage lies within 2-8 mg each day. You have to take in mind that taking this substance should be done on an empty stomach to avoid any interaction with your dietary proteins. For those folks who have a higher risk of cancer and kidney stones, it is best to have 2-4 mg a day of IP6 Inositol. For cancer that is already existing, having 5-8 mg each day is good to go.

Purchase Tips to Consider

Purchasing authentic high-quality IP6 Inositol can be done in two ways. You may either do it online or by visiting a local store. But you have to consider crucial buying tips first before getting to the store to pay for the product.

What you need here is to list down all the good brands you have heard before sticking to one. You need to gain knowledge about what the substance can do through reading information on the web. When it comes to purchasing, of course, money is stated vital here. But you have to be very particular with it as sometimes, those cheap supplements do not work like what you expect. Also, if you prefer to get to those expensive ones on the list, then you have to secure their reliability. To know the reputation of the vendor, leading yourself to their website is essential. Checking out comments and testimonials are remarkable pieces of assistance as well. Joining forum is also good as you will get to ask things regarding these vendors and people will answer you.

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