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DIM Long-Term Studies

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What Is DIM?

DIM is an abbreviated term for diindolylmethane. This is a substance which is naturally formed in the body when certain vegetables are digested. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage contain indole-3-carbinol which produces diindolylmethane, a substance which is thought to have cancer resistant properties. DIM is often given as a supplement to both men and women for a multitude of purposes. There have been a number of varied studies carried out in recent times into the substance and it has been shown to have an effect on the human immune system.*

The most beneficial effects of DIM appear to be on estrogen metabolism.*


Effects of DIM

The human liver has two pathways that enable the body to metabolize estrogen. The 2-hydroxy pathway is the more favorable whereas the other pathway leads to bad estrogens being formed. DIM works on the positive 2-hydroxy pathway, stimulating it and improving its metabolic performance. The faster and better estrogen is metabolized, the better it is for keeping estrogen levels in the body at a stable level. Both men and women can suffer from estrogen dominance – women due to their changing menstrual cycle and the onset of the menopause and men who develop increased estrogen levels as they age or if they become overweight.

When men suffer from excess estrogen, their testosterone levels are lowered. In both men and women, DIM works to increase active testosterone levels and helps to build muscle and burn fat.*


Why Should I Use DIM?

Although DIM is not suitable for everyone, it has a lot going for it as a health supplement. Older men approaching their 60s and 70s may find that their estrogen levels are increasing while their testosterone levels are falling. This leads to weight gain which causes other health problems.  Thus, taking a DIM supplement would be wise to lessen this risk.*


Side Effects

Side effects from taking DIM are generally mild and not everyone experiences problems. The most commonly reported side effects include darkening of the urine, stomach upset, and headaches. There were other, less frequent, reports of feeling sick or vomiting, and increase in possible skin rashes. It is advised that those who are taking prescription medications should speak to their doctor before embarking on a course of DIM supplements as it may interact badly with common medications and affect the way the liver processes certain drugs. Most people are able to take DIM without experiencing any negative effects.*



Although DIM in the form of a supplement is a fairly recent invention, it has long been known that  cruciferous vegetables are good for the health. For thousands of years, people have grown vegetables such as brussels sprouts, kale and bok choi and used them for medicinal purposes. Relatively recently, scientific investigations into the properties of these vegetables have shown that they contain phytonutrients which are important for balancing estrogen levels. Rather than consuming vast amounts of cruciferous vegetables which would be impractical, DIM was developed into a tablet form supplement to be easily consumed on a daily basis. Over the last few years, multiple studies have been carried out into the benefits of using DIM supplements.



The key to taking DIM supplements is to refrain from taking excessive amounts. Taking more than 300mg on a daily basis can lead to various complaints such as headaches and stomach problems. Micro-encapsulated forms of DIM are best absorbed and dosages differ between men and women. In general, women should consider taking between 100mg and 200mg a day. Women who are post-menopausal should take between 50mg and 100mg daily.* Men can take higher dosages of DIM – between 200mg and 400mg if they are actively trying to lose weight and build muscle mass and between 100mg and 200mg if they are taking the supplement merely to help with the ageing process.*



Recent research has been carried out in the various properties of DIM. The majority of research into DIM has been into its estrogen metabolizing properties.


DIM Long-Term Studies

As yet, the long term effects of taking DIM supplements are largely unknown. However, it is considered that taking DIM supplements on a long term basis should have no negative effects on health as long as excessive daily dosages are not consumed.* A daily DIM supplement taken within recommended guidelines should enable estrogen levels to remain balanced for an extended period.


Short Term Benefits

In the short term, DIM can assist with the reduction of hot flashes and low mood. People suffering from acne may also find that taking DIM supplements may assist in the short term with improved skin shortly after beginning.*


Final Thoughts

There are lots of benefits that can be clearly seen from taking DIM supplements and very little that appears to be negative. The majority of research into the subject has seen mainly positives in the way that the substance reacts in the human body and scientists have found multiple health benefits to using this supplement. DIM’s positive effect on hormone related conditions alone make it a useful substance for many people to consider taking in addition to consuming a healthy diet.* In order to consume the same amount of diindolylmethane from natural food sources, a person would have to eat impractically vast amounts of leafy vegetables. A supplement form of the substance enables everyone to easily get as much as they need to promote healthy estrogen balance.

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