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What Is Cavinton? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Vinpocetine is the other term of Cavinton. It is the extract from the plant called Periwinkle. It performs as nootropic and vasodilator that helps improve blood flow to the brain. In Eastern Europe, it is commonly used to treat stroke and brain disorders.

The plant by which Vinpocetine originally came from has been used for centuries already. Before science implemented the examinations to come up with Cavinton, various cultures referred to it as a natural remedy. Such product these days is mostly considered as a great tool to improve mental energy. It allows your focus to be enhanced through continuous use. Also, it improves brain health to keep you a strong mind in dealing with day-to-day problems.

Cavinton Benefits

Cavinton is considered as a cerebral vasodilator. From there, it would mean to increase the blood flow to the brain. It allows the blood vessels to open up a bit more to ensure a proper circulation of essential nutrients. But, there is more than that which you should consider adding this to your daily regimen. To identify further, don’t miss out the things identified in the bullets below.

  • Helps minimizing the chances of hearing loss
  • Slows down or reverse eye conditions
  • Promotes better blood circulation to the brain
  • Vasolidator component makes bodybuilding a bit easier
  • Ease menopausal symptoms for women

Negative Side-effects

There is nothing to worry about the side-effects here. As the main component is a natural plant, a user can expect only the minimal troubles from its side-effects. Although it won’t cause serious health problems, it is still important to learn the chances beforehand. For you to be aware here is the list of unpleasant outcome it could bring.

Ø  Dizziness

Ø  Stomach Pain

Ø  Nervousness

Ø  Sleep Problem

Ø  Nausea

Ø  Reddening of the Face

Recommended Dosage

For a person not to experience too much of negative side-effects, you must consider taking it on a 5 mg/day. Dosage recommendation exists to ensure that you get all the nutrients it is composed of. Also, that’s one simple way of dodging the possibility of acquiring the side-effects uncontrollably. Still, if you think your body can handle more than the advised dose, you should seek the approval from a doctor first. Take note of the chances waiting if you mess up with the ideal dose for a day.

In some cases, if you wish to increase the dose, you must not miss the chance of meeting your doctor again. Some can even tolerate a 100mg per day. Still, it must have you reminded that it’s simply not applicable to everyone. For the sake of experiencing its best attributes, one must follow the protocol. Do not, by any chance, create your own dose without informing you attending physician. Let them do their job in helping you take care of your body. Sure, the Cavinton don’t carry too much of negative effects on a user. But, that doesn’t mean you can do anything to improve your state.

For people with previous health issues, it is ideal to seek a thorough examination from a doctor beforehand. Never let a single warning pass by your ears without listening on how it may turn out harmful to you. Even women who are pregnant and nursing are not advised to take this medicine. The point is, even if you’re healthy or is experiencing some troubles, you should always check a doctor’s advice.

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