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What is Cacao (Raw Cacao)? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

What is Cacao (Raw Cacao)? A Review of Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

If you consider yourself as a monster when it comes to chocolates, then you’ll never be terrified in devouring all of those bars in just a single bite. Of course, who hates chocolates by the way? But you have to know that chocolates take a long process to produce, unlike how you gobble them all up in just minutes. To learn more about how real chocolates are made, do check out this article and you’ll find that being a chocolate beast is nothing than how these sweet delights are created.

What is Cacao (Raw Cacao)?

Cacao is the most popular tree in the whole wide universe. You know why? Because that’s where chocolates are made. If you are confused between cacao and cocoa, then check this one out!

Cacao is the tree while cocoa is named as the product made from such tree. But of course, who’s the star of the show? It’s definitely cacao. Without cacao, there would be no cocoa, and without cocoa, there would be no chocolates.

So to sum up things here, cacao pods together with its beans are used in producing chocolates, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. The method is done right after the drying and fermentation process.

Cacao (Raw Cacao) benefits

Raw organic cacao delivers astonishing benefits. You will never believe how it takes up such function exceptionally.

● Greater antioxidants when associated with coffee and berries

If you think that coffee and berries work marvelous as antioxidants, wait until you try devouring on raw cacao. You’ll be surprised with how its antioxidants level works 40 times higher than that of blueberries.

● Real soaring levels of magnesium are found

If you are thoroughly concerned with the health of your heart and brain, then try digging into raw organic cacao. Cacao provides the highest source of magnesium, which is an imperative component to keep your heart healthy and turn glucose into energy.

● Outstanding source of iron

When it comes to iron, cacao works better than vegetables. By having 7.3mg/100g of cacao is already equivalent to having 2.5mg of lamb and beef.

● Greater calcium than a cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is rich in calcium but cacao takes up more of such nutrient. If you have milk, why not try raw cacao? You’ll be astonished with how it makes your bones tough and strong.

● Exceptional mood booster

If you feel low and sad, try digging up with chocolates. Cacao is surely a great source of happiness chemicals. It helps in alleviating not just grief or depression but heightening the feeling of happiness as well.

Cacao (Raw Cacao) is good for the heart

It is true that cacao is extremely good for the heart. With the right amount of cocoa consumption already helps in decreasing cardiovascular risk factors such as inflammation, blood pressure, insulin resistance, cholesterol levels, and artery function.

Cacao (Raw Cacao) side effects

Positively, cacao is a great mood booster, but behind that, it also contains opposing side effects especially when taken excessively. These dreadful effects include of how it is addictive, how it affects your sleep, how it brings heartburn, how it possibly contains pathogenic bacteria similar to other raw food.

Where to buy Cacao (Raw Cacao)

It is easy to purchase raw cacao as local stores already deliver it. But behind that, you need to be cautious with your purchase if what you want is to get the best quality package on the market.

Before buying the product, it is crucial to understand that not all of these products are the same. Quality matters here so go for it. You must also check out the label first just to see what you are really getting. You certainly don’t want to ruin your happy purchase in return. Consider its nutritional value as well. As for the taste, expect that it is similar to that of dark chocolates.

Cacao (Raw Cacao) reviews

Overall, buyers of the product give 5 stars. You want to know why? It is simply because of how people are just too crazy with chocolates. There are tons of recipes out there which make raw cacao more comely to the taste and sellers are already giving out more of the product to their customers.

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