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Energy Supplements: Top 5 Check it Out!

Energy Supplementsenergy supplements

Have you struggled trying to stay awake and motivated all day? Have you considered taking energy supplements to help out? Luckily, there are many supplements that can help give you energy. Some, work by giving your cells more energy in their metabolic pathways, while others work with specific organs to maximize energy production.

Here are the top ten energy boosting supplements to try out:


Caffeine can temporarily increase mental alertness. It also increased total volume of work performed by trained athletes 8% (Schneiker, 2006). It has also been shown that for the healthy adult population, moderate daily caffeine intake at a dose level up to 400 mg day is not associated with adverse effects (Nawrot 2003).*


Asian ginseng provides a stable flow of energy and it wakes you up! I take Ginseng Royal Jelly every day twice a day and it helps me stay awake and avoid caffeine.

Vitamin B12.

“Your internal energy factories just don’t work as well without it,” Kemper says. (WebMD)

If you already take a multivitamin, you probably already get the recommended daily dose, so you don’t need an extra supplement. And unless you are low on B12, science doesn’t show it will give you an extra boost.


Perfect for short team muscle energy boost.

It is instrumental in making the energy that muscles need to work properly. Creatine is most commonly used by athletes and older adults for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass. No other supplement has as much scientific evidence showing it helps build muscle mass as Creatine.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea extract has been popular for centuries in Siberia and Asia as an aid to fight fatigue. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial, Rhodiola was found to increase time to fatigue and peak oxygen uptake (De Bock, 2004).

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