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Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline: Which Is the Best Nootropic?


Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline: Which Is the Best Nootropic?

Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that are used for the improvement of memory and concentration. Also, people who have short attention spans are helped out with these drugs. But there is something bothering among nootropic users and that is if GPC (Glycerylphosphorylcholine) is more outstanding than CDP (citicoline) or is it running backward. To know which is better, GPC or CDP, then this article can help you out with that.

o   In Weighing GPC (Glycerylphosphorylcholine)

  • GPC is sweet tasting and is hydroscopic. This means that you do not need to cap it to get rid of its bitter taste.
  • GPC observes PARAsympathetic NS activation and also with an increase in GABA. It activates the digestive pathways and even deactivates the flight pathways. Using GPC is best before naptime or bedtime.
  • GPC offers high levels of choline. This is why it is made as an effective choice over CDP choline. This drug is even tolerated and it also obtains a therapeutic role in individuals who are suffering from stroke.
  • GPC helps in the recovery of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

o   In weighing CDP (citicoline)

  • CDP is an immediate formation of phosphatidylcholine. It is good to have phosphatidylcholine while having CDP. It makes the drug work more effectively.
  • CDP is considered as a psychostimulant nootropic. With this, CDP activates the sympathetic nervous system which can amp you up. This is even considered as a good choice for those who are working out.
  • CDP works in the prevention of damages to dopaminergic neurons. Dopamine is the reason why you are feeling motivated and satisfied. It brings you to that zest of life which is pleasurable.
  • CDP is well-tolerated. In fact, it even exerts more protective effect to the neuron membranes which is beneficial for patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and some other age-related cognitive problems.

Which is really better?

When choosing between GPC and CDP, it is vital to see each of the pros and cons. Each of them have their own nootropic qualities which are working outstandingly to a person’s health. In fact, both are superior nootropic drugs than any other choline supplements. When talking about the one that is better, of course, that is settled only with the user. It actually depends as each have different personal choice. But when it comes to sales, it is recorded that GPC is having more rates on it but that does not mean that CDP is a poor choice. Again, the choice only depends by the user’s preference.

Ways to Get Genuine GPC and CDP Choline

To get quality GPC and CDP, it is vital to consider the rules first. Rules to follow are linked with:

o   The Cost

Each of these drugs are priced differently. That is how vendors work it. To help you here, it is great to compare them individually. Do not be too practical here since the one which offers more benefits are way higher in its price.

o   The Dosage

The dosage should always be considered. Only use the recommended amount to drop all those dreadful effects.

o   The Ingredients

It is a good idea to check the ingredients used by these nootropics. Some might be produced with added green tea while others squeezed out some ginseng extract there. Also, other elements mentioned in each pack should be studied too.

o   The Impact

Know that both GPC and CDP have their own exceptional functions and they are wholly great. It is best to opt for the one which impacts your system. Do not rush things here if you want to get the ideal product you need.

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